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NASA's Imagery Collections

NIX is a meta-search engine that links to and searches imagery in NASA databases that have internal search engines. These databases are listed under "Advanced Search".
Not all NASA imagery resides in databases. Below is a listing of additional NASA collections that reside on the web or in collections that currently aren't searchable through NIX. We hope, in the future, to incorporate additional collections as NIX resources allow. If you wish to add your collection to NIX, please contact the NIX Help Desk by using the "Comment or Question" link to obtain information on NIX technical requirements.

NOTE: When you access the following collections, you are leaving the searchable NASA Image eXchange (NIX) system. A good place to start is with the NASA Multimedia Gallery, which is composed of the Photo Gallery, the Video Gallery, and the Arts Gallery.


Phoenix Mission Heads for Mars

The Phoenix Mars lander's assignment is to dig through the Martian soil and ice in the arctic region and use its onboard scientific instruments to analyze the samples it retrieves. View launch videos, webcasts, and more on the Phoenix Mission pages.

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