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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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HHS Broadcast News Bureau

The Department of Health and Human Services is continually working to provide the news media and members of the public quick and easy access to events and information affecting the health and well being of all Americans. With the click of a mouse, you can tap into the latest news and information from former Secretary Thompson and other HHS officials. Listed below are audio clips.

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September 19, 2001
Secretary Thompson provides information on a disaster health care coverage program for New Yorkers. ( WAV File [3.9M] ) [ En Español -- WAV File [5.4M] ]

September 19, 2001
Secretary Thompson explains how Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams provide round-the-clock care for search and rescue dogs in New York. ( WAV File [9.6M] )

September 18, 2001 Secretary Thompson provides information for parents and teachers on how best to help children after a disaster. ( WAV File [8.6M] ) [ En Español-- WAV File [10.9M] ]

September 17, 2001
Secretary Thompson discusses HHS assistance to New York City recovery workers following the September 11, 2001, attack on America. ( 1 min 10 sec [10.6M] ) [ En Español-- WAV File [12.6M] ]

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