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The Department of Health and Human Services is continually working to provide the news media and members of the public quick and easy access to events and information affecting the health and well being of all Americans. With the click of a mouse, you can tap into the latest news and information from current and former HHS officials.

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  • Secretary Leavitt says the United States should produce avian flu vaccine in America.
  • Secretary Leavitt says the current H5N1 avian flu strain might not create a pandemic, but that preparation for a pandemic is still needed.


  • Saying that if we wait for a bird flu pandemic to appear before acting, it may be too late, President Bush called on Congress to implement a $7.1 billion, three-point plan to prepare the nation for the eventuality of a pandemic.
  • Speaking at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, President Bush laid out the need for a comprehensive strategy to prevent, and if necessary, deal with a pandemic of the avian flu.



  • The chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Lynn Swann, says Americans should take time in May, which is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, to be more active -- so they can get the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Secretary Mike Leavitt says the department can help guide Americans toward healthier lives.
  • Secretary Mike Leavitt, noting that Harlem Globetrotters basketball stars took part in today's Fitness Festival on the National Mall, says Americans can be more active even if they can't all be Globetrotters -- and the government's Steps To a Healthier US initiative can help.


  • Secretary Mike Leavitt's Remarks About the Need for a New Drug Safety Oversight Board




Last revised: August 28, 2006


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