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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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HHS Broadcast News Bureau

The Department of Health and Human Services is continually working to provide the news media and members of the public quick and easy access to events and information affecting the health and well being of all Americans. With the click of a mouse, you can tap into the latest news and information from former Secretary Thompson and other HHS officials. Listed below are audio clips.

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  • Adults / Children
  • HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson warned Americans of the risks of "pre-diabetes," a condition affecting nearly 16 million Americans that sharply raises the risk for developing type 2 diabetes and increases the risk of heart disease by 50 percent. An expert panel convened by HHS and the American Diabetes Association recommends that physicians begin screening overweight people age 45 and older for pre-diabetes, a condition characterized by impaired glucose tolerance. The panel also recommends screening adults younger than 45 if they are significantly overweight and have one or more risk factors, such as a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and are African American, Indian American, Hispanic, or from Asian or Pacific Islander descent. (Adults = 2 min 14 sec [11.8M] / Children = 1 min 25 sec  [7.4M]


  • Secretary Thompson announces an updated recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that calls for screening mammography, with or without clinical breast examination, every one to two years for women ages 40 and over. (WAV File = 4.8M)     En Español  (WAV File = 4.8M)

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