This eighth edition of the Career Guide to Industries provides valuable information from an industry perspective for persons making career decisions. It is a companion to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008-09 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a nationally recognized source of career guidance information for more than five decades. The Handbook provides information on careers from an occupational perspective.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produced the Career Guide to Industries under the general direction and guidance of Dixie Sommers, Associate Commissioner for Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, and Kristina J. Shelley, Chief, Division of Occupational Outlook, Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections. Chester C. Levine and Jon Sargent, Managers of Occupational Outlook Studies, provided planning and day-to-day direction.

Supervisors overseeing the research and preparation of material were Douglas Braddock, Arlene Dohm, Roger J. Moncarz, and Terry Schau. Occupational analysts who contributed material were Phillip C. Bastian, Sadie Blanchard, Lauren Csorny, Tamara D. Dillon, Thomas DiVincenzo, Diana Gehlhaus, Samuel L. Greenblatt, Henry T. Kasper, Jonathan W. Kelinson, William S. Lawhorn, C. Brett Lockard, Kevin M. McCarron, Gregory Niemesh, Alice Ramey, Brian Roberts, Patricia Tate, Colleen D. Teixeira, David Terkanian, Nicholas K. Terrell, Michael Wolf, Benjamin Wright, and Ian Wyatt. Data development and computer programming support was provided by Erik A. Savisaar, David Terkanian, and Lynn Shniper under the supervision of Theresa Cosca. Word processing support was provided by Wendy Davis.

Editorial work and cover design was done under the direction of Richard Devens, Chief, Division of BLS Publishing, Office of Publications and Special Studies. Edith Baker, Eugene Becker, Monica Gabor, Anna H. Hill and Lori Pastro provided editorial support. The cover and other art were designed by Keith Tapscott.

Notes Many trade associations, professional societies, unions, industrial organizations, and government agencies provide career information that is valuable to counselors and jobseekers. For the convenience of Career Guide users, some of these organizations and their Internet addresses are listed at the end of each industry statement. Although these references were carefully compiled, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has neither authority nor facilities for investigating the organizations or the information or publications that they might send in response to a request, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. The listing of an organization, therefore, does not constitute in any way an endorsement or recommendation by the Bureau, either of the organization and its activities or of the information it may supply. Each organization has sole responsibility for whatever information it may issue.


Last Modified Date: December 18, 2007