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WSVN-TV Miami Beach

7 killed in Mexican Independence Day attack

A Mexican governor said Tuesday that organized crime was responsible for explosions at an Independence Day celebratio... 26 comments

The Associated Press

NATO chief says body will continue to expand

NATO's chief said Tuesday the Western alliance will continue its expansion despite Russian opposition and warned Mosc... 9 comments

News Observer

French troops save 2 hostages from Somali pirates

French troops stormed a yacht hijacked by Somali pirates, killing one, capturing six others and freeing their two Fre... 4 comments


North Korea tests missile engine at new site: report

SEOUL - North Korea has conducted an engine ignition test for a long-range missile at a new launch base under constru... 2 comments

The Associated Press

Hearing opens in case of slain UK student in Italy

A U.S. student suspected in the slaying of her British housemate in Italy arrived in court Tuesday for a hearing to d...


The Associated Press

Chinese agencies prepare for more sickened babies

Medical agencies prepared Tuesday to treat more sickened babies as an investigation by China's Health Ministry linked... 1 comment

The Seattle Times

Consumers get a break with August price declines

Consumer prices in August posted the first monthly decline in nearly two years as Americans finally got a break from ... 1 comment

Madison Daily Leader

Feds made the right move by not bailing out bank

The federal government did the right thing by not bailing out failing Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers. 1 comment

The Associated Press

Sri Lanka president says he will crush rebels

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa ruled out negotiations with the Tamil Tigers, saying the military would soon d... 2 comments


New US commander warns Iraq progress 'fragile'

America's new commander in Iraq warned that progress in the country is 'fragile and reversible' despite the gains won... 5 comments

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