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Staffing, Recruiting, Examining, and Assessment Policy

Technical References Related to Medical Eligibility and Qualification Requirements

This Section gives comprehensive information about laws and regulatory guidance concerning medical eligibility, programs, disabled veterans and their connection to Federal qualification requirements.

Applicants and employees must meet fitness and ability requirements for Federal employment. They can't be disqualified arbitrarily on the basis of medical standards, physical requirements, fitness tests, or other criteria that do not relate specifically to job performance. In addition, agencies are required to provide reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities who demonstrate that they can perform the work of the position to be filled. The following references will be helpful to people that want to know more about the subject.

Medical Requirements

This link summarizes jobs that have medical requirements.

Executive Orders / Public Law

Authorities in public law for Federal personnel administration in general, and for drug testing.

United States Code

Legal authorities for issues of concern to Federal employees, and people interested in working for the Federal Government.

  • TITLE 5 Government Organization and Employees

    • SUBCHAPTER II Administrative Procedure

      • Sec. 552a. Records About Individuals (The Privacy Act of 1974)

        • 5 U.S.C. §552a.(f) applies to establishing Agency rules for disclosure of medical records.

    • SUBPART B Employment and Retention

      • CHAPTER 33 Examination, Selection, and Placement

        • Sec. 3301. Civil service; generally.

        • Sec. 3309. Preference eligibles; examinations; additional points for.

        • Sec. 3310. Preference eligibles; examinations; guards, elevator operators, messengers, and custodians.

        • Sec. 3311. Preference eligibles; examinations; crediting experience.

        • Sec. 3312. Preference eligibles; physical qualifications; waiver.

        • Sec. 3313. Competitive service; registers of eligibles.

        • Sec. 3314. Registers; preference eligibles who resigned.

        • Sec. 3316. Preference eligibles; reinstatement.

        • Sec. 3317. Competitive service; certification from registers.

        • Sec. 3318. Competitive service; selection from certificates.

        • Sec. 3320. Excepted service; government of the District of Columbia; selection.

        • Sec. 3351. Preference eligibles; transfer; physical qualifications; waiver.

      • CHAPTER 73 Suitability, Security, and Conduct

      • CHAPTER 81 Compensation for Work Injuries

  • TITLE 29 The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended

  • TITLE 39 Postal Service

    • Part II §1005. provisions of title 5 relating to a preference eligible ((5CFR 2108(3)) apply in the same manner and under the same conditions as if the applicant, officer, or employee were subject to the competitive service.

  • TITLE 42 The Public Health and Welfare

Code of Federal Regulations References

Regulatory authorities for addressing medical issues of concern to Federal employees, labor unions, compliance monitors, applicants for Federal jobs, preference eligibles and others.

Additional Resources