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Supplementing the main chronology is a flight log, in which an attempt has been made to record the flights of Wilbur and Orville from 1900, when their first gliding experiments were carried out at Kitty Hawk, through 1918, when Orville made his last flight as a pilot at Dayton on May 13, flying a Wright 1911 model aircraft.

A total of 21 detailed flight logs are presented. So far as is known, no previous attempts have been made to record the Wright flights systematically. Wright documents have served as primary sources for 12 series of flights.

  • 1900, Orville's letter from Kitty Hawk to Katharine Wright, dated October 14
  • 1901, Wilbur Wright's Diary A
  • 1902, Orville Wright's Diary B and Orville Wright's Notebook C
  • 1903, Orville Wright's Diary D
  • 1904, Wilbur Wright's Diary E, 1904 - 1905
  • 1905, Wilbur Wright's Diary F
  • 1908, Wilbur Wright's Diary T (Kitty Hawk)
  • 1908, Signal Corps "Log of Wright Aeroplane" (Fort Myer, Va.)
  • 1909, Signal Corps "Log of Wright Aeroplane" (Fort Myer, Va.)
  • 1909, Orville Wright's Diary X (Tempelhof Field, Berlin)
  • 1910, Orville Wright's Diary Y
  • 1911, Orville Wright's Diary V