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Plan & Respond

Why Plan?

Sometimes disaster preparedness and emergency planning can seem overwhelming, but

planning for emergencies is very important. Planning and preparedness provide you and your loved ones with the means to adequately respond in the event a localized natural, or man-made disaster occurs in your area.

When planning you want to focus on the main types of risk in your geographic area, develop an evacuation  plan, including escape routes, family communication methods, and ways to address the special needs of family members and pets.  You want to be prepared with basic food, water and other supplies, including vital medical and other essential records. Finally, you want to be prepared to respond the moment the situation requires action.

In this way, when the time comes you will be prepared to respond decisively to protect the well- being of you and your loved ones, as you follow the directions of Federal, State and Local officials.

Here you will find a wide-range of information which has been developed to assist you with planning for emergencies, deal with the specific challenges of your preparation, and become more familiar with specific topic areas of disaster preparedness and emergency response. 

Work at your own pace, but plan to be prepared, and prepare to respond

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