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Advance Fee Business Scams. Find out about the different types of advance fee scams, how to spot them, and what to do if you're a victim. 5 pp. (2002. DOS) 346R. $1.00.

Copyright Basics. Covers what can be copyrighted, who can apply, registration procedures, filing fees, what forms to use, and more. 12 pp. (2002. LOC) 314R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Guide to Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses. Find out what loans are available, the credit approval process, and your legal rights. 12 pp. (1999. FRB) 317R. $1.00.

Is Your Business Everybody's Business?. Tips for small businesses to help keep their information systems safe. 6 pp. (2007. DHS) 337R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Small Business Resource Guide 2006 (DVD). Helpful CD-ROM contains business tax forms, instructions, and publications, plus guidance on preparing a business plan, financing your business, and more. pp. (2008. IRS) 316R. $1.00.

Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (DVD). Covers a variety of small business tax issues including payroll taxes, electronic filing, and the latest tax law changes that may affect the small business owner. pp. (2006. IRS) 315R. $1.00.

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