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Ask, Listen, Learn--How to Talk to Your Adolescent About Alcohol. Explains the dangers of alcohol, with tips on when and how to start a conversation. Also provides answers to common questions kids might ask. 7 pp. (2005. FCIC) 526R. Free. A pdf version is available

Ask, Listen, Learn--What You Don't "No" Can Hurt You. This kid-oriented guide features interactive games, trivia cards explaining the facts about alcohol, tips on how to avoid peer pressure, and more. 7 pp. (2005. FCIC) 527R. Free. A pdf version is available

Catch the Spirit: A Student's Guide to Community Service. Ideas and information on how young people can help make their community a better place. 15 pp. (2007. FCIC) 501R. Free. A pdf version is available

Kids and Their Bones: A Parents' Guide. Taking care of your child's bones now can protect against later fractures and possible osteoporosis. Learn about the factors that may affect the health of your child's bones. 11 pp. (2002. NIAMS) 504R. Free. A pdf version is available

Preparing Makes Sense: Get Ready Now. How to put together an emergency supply kit and develop a family plan for all kinds of emergencies. 16 pp. (2006. DHS) 323R. $0.50. A pdf version is available

Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit. Lists kinds of food, first aid supplies, tools, and other items you should stock for an emergency. 4 pp. (1995. FEMA) 323P. $0.50.

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