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Americans with Disabilities Act: Questions and Answers. Explains how the civil rights of persons with disabilities are protected at work and in public places. 31 pp. (2002. DOJ) 513R. Free.

Guide to Burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Explains eligibility requirements and services offered for military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. 31 pp. (2003. ANC) 539R. Free.

Guide to Disability Rights Laws. Covers the rights of persons with disabilities regarding education, employment, fair housing, public accommodations, and telecommunications. 21 pp. (2005. DOJ) 514R. Free.

National Sellers List. Contact information for dealers who sell real estate and personal property forfeited to federal law enforcement agencies. 8 pp. (2007. DOJ) 319R. $1.00.

Your Right to Federal Records. Use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act to obtain records from the federal government. 40 pp. (2006. DOJ/GSA) 320R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Your Social Security Number and Card. Explains why we have Social Security numbers, when and how to get one, and more. 2 pp. (2006. SSA) 515R. Free. A pdf version is available

Apply Online for Social Security Benefits. Learn how to fill out an online application, how your personal information is protected, who can apply online, and more. 8 pp. (2007. SSA) 517R. Free. A pdf version is available

Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents. Explains disability, pension, health care, education and housing loans, and other benefit programs for veterans and their families. 148 pp. (2008. VA) 105R. $5.00. A pdf version is available   A Spanish version is available

Medicare Basics: A Guide for Caregivers. If you are assisting a parent, grandparent or other relative or friend with health care decisions, get this comprehensive Medicare guide. It covers everything from hospital and physician services to preventive care, prescription drugs, housing options and more. 24 pp. (2007. CMS) 633R. Free. A pdf version is available

Request for Social Security Statement. Complete this form and return it to Social Security to get your earnings history and an estimate of future benefits. 3 pp. (2003. SSA) 516R. Free. A pdf version is available

Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries: Navigating the Coverage Gap. The coverage gap is when Medicare temporarily stops paying for your prescriptions and you have to pay the entire cost yourself. Learn how the gap works, how to keep track of expenses, and where to get more help. 5 pp. (2007. FCIC) 521R. Free. A pdf version is available   A Spanish version is available

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