In Depth: The Engine
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A Hopeful Step Forward

The 1901 glider went through significant design changes as a result of its initial flight tests. Working from a fundamentally sound design, the Wrights were able to isolate problems in their design and alter it accordingly. The reproduction glider follows the modifications.

The Wright Story
1901 glider in campMaking changes in the field
Education Feature: Warp the wings...
The Lessons of 1901
The 1901 glider was the last machine the Wrights built based on the theories and data of other researchers. Studying its anatomy in terms of function reveals the Wrights as well ahead of their contemporaries and on the threshold of innovation.
Lift Wings: The most significant change from the 1900 design, and the source of much frustration.
Research and Design Pitch: A cornerstone of Wright design, the canard was a calculated choice for pitch control.
Roll Roll: The latest version of the lateral control system discovered in 1899.
Safety Safety: A key concern of the Wrights, who were, after all, test pilots.

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