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Performance Evaluation

Performance Plans and Reports
Economic Impact Studies
Peer Review and Other Forms of External Assessment
OMB and Congressional Performance Assessments and Guidance

NIST evaluates its programmatic performance over time by utilizing a diverse yet complementary set of performance indicators and measures. NIST has designed its performance evaluation system to accommodate the Institute’s diverse outputs as well as to respond to the intrinsic difficulty of measuring the results of investments in scientific and technological products and services. NIST evaluates its performance and plans its work through several distinct evaluation methods: economic impact studies, peer review and other forms of external assessment, customer feedback, and quantitative output metrics. NIST reports its performance through Department of Commerce GPRA documents as well as through the NIST Financial Statements.

Performance Plans and Reports

The following documents describe NIST's performance evaluation system and provide specific performance plans and results for individual fiscal years, as required by Congress and the Administration / OMB. As a unit of the Department of Commerce, NIST's formal performance plans and reports are included, respectively, within the annual DOC budget justification and Performance and Accountability Report.

Economic Impact Studies

The studies cited below are recent economic impact assessments of projects undertaken by NIST Measurement and Standards Laboratories. To learn more about the history of NIST's economic studies,

Summary of NIST Impact Study Results

Bibliography. A complete list of economic impact assessments of NIST MSL projects, plus references to other impact studies and publications relevant for economic impact assessment.

List of impact studies and results: A table showing the outputs and outcomes from completed economic impact assessments of MSL projects, as well as a list of studies currently underway.

Advanced Technology Program




Health Care

Impact Assessment Methodology

Information Technology Security

Manufacturing Extension Partnership





Also available are Strategic Planning Studies and Policy Studies

Peer Review and Other Forms of External Assessment

  • Peer Review
    • NRC
      Since 1959, the National Research Council (NRC) has assessed the technical merit, relevance, and quality of NIST's (previously NBS's) laboratory programs in the context of NIST's mission. The NRC review by expert panels is independent, technically sophisticated, and extensive, The individual FY 2007 NRC Assessment Reports were published in September 2007.

OMB and Congressional Performance Assessments and Guidance

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