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Child Care Resources Handbook

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Telephone Interview Questions for Child Care Homes

Name of caregiver:  ___________________________________

Phone number:  ______________________________________

Address:   __________________________________________


Tell the caregiver your name and the age of the child needing care. Ask if he or she has time to answer a few questions. If not, ask when it would be a good time to call back.

  1. Do you have any openings? If not, do you anticipate having openings in the near future?
  2. Is your home licensed? By whom?
  3. What is the cost? What does this include? (e.g., snacks, meals, diapers) Are there any extra costs?
  4. What days and hours is care available?
  5. If you are sick or on vacation, are there provisions for backup care?
  6. What do you do when a child is sick?
  7. How many other children are cared for in your home? (See page 6 for recommended staff/child ratios)
  8. What meals are served?
  9. Is there a safe outside play area?
  10. What are some sample activities that my child would be involved in?
  11. Are parents permitted to visit unannounced any time during the day?

Add other questions you may have.

If the basic information sounds like it will meet your needs, ask when you can visit. Be sure to make your appointment for a time the children will be present. Are the sounds in the background O.K., i.e., are many children crying in the background?

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Table of Contents

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