Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Directory of Community Emergency Response Team Programs by State


The CERT listings for a State are for programs that are sponsored by State, county and local emergency management agencies or their representative and follow the training guidelines and objectives contained in the CERT material on the CERT website. Participants taking CERT should receive the basic response skills and organizational training contained in the CERT materials. Participants completing the training are encouraged to follow standard operate procedures covered in training for CERT for their jurisdiction in their neighborhood and workplace. To be listed, the sponsoring government agency (Fire, Police, EMS, Citizens Corps Council etc.) needs to be included in your program description. Submissions that do not meet the sponsoring government agency criteria will be placed in the "other" category at the bottom of the Directory.

Those listed have elected to share this information through this site. Other programs may be available but not listed. If one is not listed for your area, you are encouraged to contact your local emergency management agency to determine if CERT training is available in your area.

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