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Facts About Toxic Chemicals and the Environment

Sick Child

It is surprising how many different chemicals you have contact with every day!

Trash Can We can help you learn about them, and maybe help you with your next school project.

You and your friends can use this page to find important facts about some toxic chemicals that you might find in your own home, school, neighborhood, town, or city.

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so you can always come back for more fun later!

 NOW -- Check Out These Great Sites for Kids!

Household Detective Sherlock "Homes" exit

Let this Household Detective help you
find toxics in the home, courtesy of CHEC
(Children's Health Environmental Coalition).


Kids for Saving Earth Kids For Saving Earth Worldwide exit
Music CD, concert kit, and other projects
you can do at home or in school.

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Kids' Homes at Government Agencies

ATSDR - You Are Here Already, No Need to Click!
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Earth Day: Coloring and Activities Book exit
Earth Expressions Poster Exhibit from EPA's Region 5, 1995 exit
Games and Surprises exit
"If We All Do A Little, We Can Do A Lot" exit
Jokes exit
Ozone Depletion Art Project exit
Science Spelling Bee exit
Science Word Scrambles exit
Simple Water Science: Build Your Own Water Cycle exit
Water Cycle at Work exit
Water Drops--Activities for Kids exit
Water Education Posters for Grades K-8 exit
Water Treatment Process exit
What's Wrong with These Pictures? exit
Word Scramble exit
Word Search: English exit
Word Search: Spanish exit

HHS For Parents exit 

You and Your Family Can Read More . . .

Now there is a reference guide for families who are concerned about the many environmental chemical hazards and risks that confront their children. Written in plain English, Raising Children Toxic Free  by Herbert L. Needleman, M.D. and Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., M.Sc. explains the nature of the hazards and provides useful tips for reducing children's risks. The book also contains a household toxicant inventory developed for the Children's Environmental Health Network exit by Sophie J. Balk, M.D., with partial funding by ATSDR. Also, you might want to receive information about the book, "Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World: 101 Smart Solutions for Every Family,"exitwhich is published by Rodale Press.


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Updated November 24, 2003

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