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Publicizing Procedure Opportunities

With few exceptions, proposed procurements of $10,000 or more are publicized in the, "Commerce Business Daily". The primary purpose of this publication is to provide organizations with information concerning current Government contracting and subcontracting opportunities. As a result of these announcements, organizations may request copies of invitations for bids or requests for proposals. The synopsis includes information identifying and locating Government contracting offices and prime contractors having known or anticipated needs for services or products.

Pre-solicitation Notice. A "pre-solicitation notice" is published in the "Commerce Business Daily" announcing that Requests for Proposals (RFP) and construction requirements will be issued as of a certain date and contains a brief description of the procurement and how prospective offerors may receive a copy of the RFP. The procuring activity forwards the synopsis to the Commerce Business Daily as soon as possible after receipt of the request for contract.

Advance Notice. To support the contracting needs of research and development programs, the "Commerce Business Daily" is used to publish "advance notices" of the Government's interest in specific fields. These notices are not requests for proposals and may also be published in medical, educational, and special journals, association newsletters, etc. Through this mechanism, potential sources learn of the Government's requirements, and are given an opportunity to submit information demonstrating their capabilities in a specific field.

Contract Awards. Notices of prime contract awards over $25,000 are also published in the "Commerce Business Daily" to provide information concerning possible sources for subcontract work.

Subcontracting Opportunities. All contracts in amounts over $10,000 to be performed in the United States (except for personal service contracts) must contain a best effort subcontracting clause for the utilization of Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business and Women-owned Small Business Concerns. Contracts over $500,000 with subcontracting opportunities must contain a Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business and Women-owned Small Business Subcontracting Plan. The intent of both is to encourage the use of small, small disadvantaged and women-owned small business subcontractors by large prime contractors.

The "Commerce Business Daily" is published daily, except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and is available on an annual subscription basis from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Telephone: (202) 783-3238.

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