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New - Fact Sheet for Mental Health Care Professionals

Disability Related Publications For Health & School Professionals

The following publications are written for persons in the health care or school field who may be involved in the Social Security disability determination process. As such, they may contain medical terminology and technical information confusing to the general public.

Health and school professionals may obtain these publications, free of charge, from the SSA Supply System.
How to Order

Outside Organizations:

You may write, call, fax, e-mail or download publications requests. Simply indicate on the request, your name and complete address; the name, inventory control number and/or publication number of the desired item(s) and the number of copies needed.

Office of Supply and Warehouse Management
239 Supply Building
6301 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, Maryland 21235
Phone: (410) 965-2039
Fax: (410) 965-2037
Internet: (select publications link)

Internal Components:

The Office of Supply & Warehouse Management (OSWM) has introduced
a new ordering warehouse system that has proved to be very reliable and provides excellent customer service. Your staff and Public Affairs Specialist (PAS) should request public information materials directly into Supply's web-based on-line ordering system--the Warehouse Management Control System (WMCS).

You may order each publication by using the Inventory Control Number.

List of publications:

Answers for Doctors and Other Health Professionals,
(Pub. No. 64-042, ICN 953635, September 1998)

Childhood Disability Under the Social Security Administration’s Supplemental Security Income: A Guide for Physicians and Other Health Professionals
(Pub. No. 64-048, ICN 436930)

Childhood Disability Under the Social Security Administration’s Supplemental Security Income: A Guide for School Professionals
(Pub. No. 64-049, ICN 436935)

Consultative Examinations: A Guide for Health Professionals
(Pub No. 64-025, ICN 954095, November 1999)

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security
(Pub. No. 64-039, ICN 468600, June 2006)

Evaluating Disability Under Social Security
(Pub. No. 64-045, ICN 953635)

Fact Sheet for Mental Health Care Professionals:
Supporting Individuals' Social Security Disability Claims

(Pub. No. 64-103, January 2008, ICN available Spring 2008)
pdf document pdf version (189 KB)

HIPAA and the Social Security Disability Programs: 
Information for Consultative Examination Providers
(Pub. No. 64-092, Fact Sheet)

Providing Medical Evidence for Individuals with HIV Infection:
A Guide for Health Professionals

(Pub. No. 64-037, ICN 953600, August 1993)

Providing Medical Evidence to the Social Security Administration for Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Guide for Health Professionals
(Pub. No. 64-063, ICN 953800, Fact Sheet)

Red Book on Work Incentives: A Summary Guide to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Work Incentives for People with Disabilities
(Pub. No. 64-030, ICN 436900)

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