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Take Time To Care About Women's Health
Health Information Campaigns

Picture of flowersData indicate that between family, work, and community responsibilities, women are often so busy taking care of others that they overlook their own health needs. Recognizing the need to provide busy women with trustworthy, easy-to-read health information, OWH launched the "Take Time to Care" (TTTC) outreach initiative in 1998. Over the years, TTTC has become a multi-faceted campaign that focuses on the dissemination of health education materials through outreach activities and collaborative partnerships.

OWH has also developed dozens of fact sheets and publications on topics including:
• Heart Disease • Stroke • Lasik Eye Surgery • Mammography • Food Safety • Contraception • Depression • HIV • Osteoporosis • Tattoos • Botox • Menopause and Hormones

Since 1999, OWH has reached over 26 million consumers with its literature, which also are distributed through Internal Revenue Service and congressional mailings. In 2005, these materials received the highest response of any mailing to Congress. An article in the nationally syndicated advice column "Dear Abby" promoting the Women's Health Education Kit sparked an overwhelming number of consumer requests for more than 2 million publications.

Take Time To Care About Diabetes

OWH joined with the American Diabetes Association and National Association of Chain Drug Stores to spread information to women about this epidemic. Diabetes educational materials were printed in English, Spanish, and 10 Asian languages.

Use Medicines Wisely

OWH joined with the National Association of Chain Drugs Stores to provide literature about safe medicine use and sponsored educational sessions on this topic. The brochure "My Medicines" was translated into 14 languages, including Spanish, Cantonese, Russian, and Hmong..

Menopause and Hormones

OWH collaborated with other federal agencies and women's health organizations to develop science-based materials for English- and Spanish-language audiences.

Pink Ribbon Sunday

The Pink Ribbon Sunday Guide was created for use by leaders in African American and Latino churches to help congregations develop their own initiatives to promote mammography screening and other breast-health awareness activities.


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