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Moving into the Unknown

The construction of the 1903 Flyer was a move into uncharted territory for the Wrights. They had little experience with engines, and none with propellers. Success was far from guaranteed.

The Wright Story
1903 prop detailThe cutting edge, circa 1903
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The Flyer's Construction and Flying Career
The design of the 1903 Flyer was a confident extension of the 1902 glider. Its assembly in Kitty Hawk was a frustrating trial. Its success in December 1903 was both monumental and momentary.
Flyer head-on Design: The Flyer was the Wrights' most ambitious design up to 1903, but had evolved from earlier glider designs.
Construction Construction: The Flyer's assembly in Kitty Hawk was a nightmare, with broken parts delaying the trials into the harshness of winter.
trials Trials: The Flyer was thoroughly tested before flights were attempted. The first attempt at flight ended with splinters and sand.
trials Triumph and Disaster: Facing a howling gale, the machine finally flew. Hours later, it was smashed beyond repair by a gust of wind.

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