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The New Agents' Training Unit (NATU) coordinates 17 weeks of instruction at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. New Agent Trainees (NATS) are exposed to three components of curriculum involving the following areas:

  • Investigative / Tactical
  • Non-Investigative
  • Administrative

The above three components total 643.5 hours of instruction, which are spread over four major concentrations:Photograph of NAT practicing his handcuffing technique.

  • Academics
  • Firearms
  • Operational Skills
  • The Integrated Case Scenario

NATS must pass 9 academic examinations, with a score of 85% or better, in the following disciplines:

  • Legal (2 exams)
  • Behavioral Science
  • Interviewing
  • Ethics
  • Basic and Advanced Investigative Techniques (2 Exams)
  • Interrogation
  • Forensic Science

Photograph of a red car and man with gunA Physical Training Test (PT test) is administered to each NAT during the first, seventh, and 14th week of training. A minimum of 12 points (at least 1 point must be scored in each of the four events as well), out of a possible 40, is required to pass each PT test. The four events that are tested are: 1) sit-ups, 2) 300 meter run 3) push-ups, and 4) a one and half mile run. A fifth event, the pull-up, is also administered during each test. This event is being utilized for study purposes.

NATS are also required to pass a Defensive Tactics (DT) test as well. The DT test focuses on grappling and boxing, handcuffing, control holds, searching subjects, weapon retention, and disarming techniques.

Each NAT must qualify twice with the Bureau issued handgun, and once with the shotgun. To qualify, a NAT must shoot 80% or better on two of three qualification courses with the pistol, as well as a cumulative score of 80% on all three qualifications. The NAT must also demonstrate familiarity with the Bureau sub-machine gun. NATs will fire between 3,000 - 5,000 rounds of ammunition during their 17 weeks of training.

Photograph of Shotgun Practice

Photograph of Traniee gathering evidenceWhile engaged in the aforementioned training, the NATS are given a case to investigate which will culminate in the arrest of multiple subjects. The investigation mirrors what they will experience in the field, since it is conducted at Hogan's Alley, a mock city built especially for practical exercises. The NATS conduct interviews, perform surveillance, and put to use the street survival techniques taught by the instructors at Hogan's Alley.

NATU is staffed by Supervisory Special Agents that serve as class supervisors. They are assisted by two Special Agents, referred to as Field Counselors. These Field Counselors are Special Agents from the 56 Field Divisions throughout the Bureau, who have volunteered to spend 17 weeks at the FBI Academy. During these 17 weeks the NATU staff evaluates each NAT as to their suitability to be a Special Agent of the FBI.

Graduation from the FBI Academy is determined by the following criteria:

  • successful completion of the training program
  • adherence to the FBI Core Values

The FBI Core Values are:

  • rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States
  • respect for the dignity of all those we protect
  • compassion
  • fairness
  • uncompromising personal and institutional integrity

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