Banner: Law Enforcement Communication Unit

The Law Enforcement Communication Unit has two primary responsibilities:
1) training National Academy students and FBI New Agents and 2) publishing the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, the most widely read law enforcement publication in the world.

Within the framework of this mission, unit instructors conduct a wide variety of training. Courses for the National Academy include classes in interview/interrogation, instructor development, public speaking, media relations, contemporary issues in law enforcement, and effective writing. For New Agents, the concentration of training is on interviewing, informant development, and field office communications. Unit personnel also participate in supervisory and management training programs, in-services for onboard personnel, and field police training programs.

The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin is a monthly publication with an estimated readership of 200,000. A one-year subscription to the Bulletin may be obtained by calling the U.S. Government Printing Office at: phone 202-512-1800, or fax 202-512-2250. Subscription costs for domestic and foreign delivery vary. The Bulletin is distributed to both domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies and professionals in the criminal justice field to present information on a wide range of issues facing the law enforcement community.

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