The FBI Academy Investigative Computer Training Unit

The Investigative Computer Training Unit (ICTU) located at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia provides investigative computer instruction, training, and curriculum development to FBI and other law enforcement personnel throughout the world. Primarily, ICTU trains FBI agent recruits, FBI field agents, FBI professional support staff, domestic and international law enforcement officers attending the National Academy, and other law enforcement officers.  Training covers a variety of computer topics including how to use the computer as an investigative tool, communications device, research platform, and a tool for examining and/or analyzing digital evidence.  ICTU staff including FBI agents, professional training technicians, and former police officers teach and/or support in-services for law enforcement in its six computer classrooms located at the FBI Academy as well as a mobile classroom in a variety of computer topics ranging from Basic Internet Investigations to Advanced UNIX intrusion investigations.

ICTU staff have developed partnerships with other divisions of the FBI and law enforcement agencies to provide training to regional computer crime squads; Evidence Response Team members (ERT); undercover investigators working crimes against children; National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) personnel; and technically trained, white collar crime, and National Security Division agents on subjects including best practices for search and seizure of computers; how criminals utilize computers to facilitate their criminal acts; and how to investigate cyber crime.

ICTU staff also liaisons with public safety agencies, academia, and the private sector domestically and internationally. Such alliances help all parties concerned benchmark the latest and best investigative methods, as well as establish some standardization of training protocols. ICTU has provided investigative computer training internationally including participation in law enforcement schools in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

ICTU can be contacted by calling 703-632-1939 or by writing to ICTU, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, 22135.

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