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The Technology Services Unit (TSU) is an instructional and communications tool for the FBI's Training Division. Located in Hogan's Alley on the campus of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  TSU consists of seven individual services, each with a specific mission.

TSU Services

  • Audiovisual Services - is responsible for maintaining and helping instructors effectively use sophisticated audiovisual presentation systems in twenty-five classrooms and two auditoriums at the Academy.  Audiovisual Services responds to all requests for presentation assistance with fault-free systems and equipment.

    Photograph of engineering technology staff and equipment.
  • Engineering Technology Services - supports all of TSU's service groups both directly and indirectly.  Specifically, it provides full engineering support to the broadcast television studio and related editing systems, satellite systems, video teleconferencing systems, and computer and audiovisual electronic systems.

  • The FBI Training Network (FBITN) - is TSU's distance learning, instructional and communications tool, reaching out to FBI personnel and law enforcement worldwide. FBITN comprises several main components: multimedia-based instruction, satellite broadcasts, teleconferencing, and videotape instruction and services. FBITN creates and produces learning in many forms including interactive training modules, interactive reference manuals, and learning web sites for two major distribution formats: CD-ROM and web-based (including the Internet and a secure intranet). Behind the scenes of "Viewpoints from the FBI Academy"FBITN produces live and videotaped programs for the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN) and commercial subscription service for law enforcement agencies. Training is intended for all levels of law enforcement personnel, covering a wide range of law enforcement topics, and reaches a broad audience covering the globe.

  • Graphic Services - provides graphics design support for staff, instructors and students at the FBI Academy. Two creative illustrators provide media in the form of: 35 mm slides, charts, badges, certificates, computer illustrations, hand drawn line art, and matting. Complex graphics and illustrations are essential to the FBI Training Division's mission of quality education and training for FBI personnel and the law enforcement community.

  • Photograph of computerInformation Technology Services (ITS) - provides FBI Academy students and staff with the technological resources and support they need to improve their ability to access, store, retrieve, and exchange information via computer and to do it in a timely, cooperative and supportive manner. ITS leads the way at the Academy in providing technology for the research and development of distance learning applications and in helping instructional units incorporate the use of technology into their curricula.

  • Photography Services - provides photographic support for FBI Academy staff and students and other entities at the Academy, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Engineering Research Facility and the Critical Incident Response Group. Photography Services produces training aids for Academy instructors and documents New Agent graduations, National Academy graduations, investigative and operational training exercises, and special events at the FBI Academy. Photography Services documents Academy events for historical and evaluative purposes. They produce black and white and color photographs of superior quality.

  • Video Services - provides training media for all FBI personnel and law enforcement worldwide.  The Video Services staff produces and directs video training materials in support of academy instructors, students, and staff; video training materials for in-service retraining at field offices nationwide; video training materials for domestic and international law enforcement agencies; and video documentation of New Agent and National Academy graduations. The Video Services staff produces and directs a wide variety of training videos of the highest technical quality.

Photograph of Video Services staff infront of Hogan's Alley

The sophisticated equipment and systems are critical to the FBI Training Division's mission of quality education and training for FBI personnel and domestic and international law enforcement communities.

TSU is committed to providing the highest quality of professional support possible to the FBI and all law enforcement agencies.

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