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Volume 38, Number 2 | March-April 2004


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The latest information on FDA-related issues, gathered from FDA Press Releases, Talk Papers, and other sources.

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Reports from public health and medical research.

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The Last Word
Commentary: The State of Pain Management


Ephedra Ban: No Shortage of Reasons
Dietary supplements that contain ephedrine alkaloids present unreasonable risks of illness or injury.

FDA Launches Campaign on OTC Pain Relief Products
The agency reminds consumers that it's important to follow directions carefully.

A Look at the 2003-2004 Flu Season
An early flu season reinforces the value of vaccination.

Cover Story
Joint Replacement: An Inside Look

Hip and knee joint replacements are helping people of all ages live pain-free, active lives.

GRAS: Time Tested, and Trusted, Food Ingredients
Familiar food ingredients that are "generally recognized as safe."

Managing Chronic Pain
A look at the physical and emotional impact of pain that doesn't go away.

Agencies Team Up to Protect Food Supply
The FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection collaborate to ensure the safety of America's food imports.

Science Meets Beauty: Using Medicine to Improve Appearances
The FDA evaluates cosmetic treatments, such as products designed to restore a youthful appearance, and approves those shown to be safe and effective.

FDA Crackdown on Illegal Products
How the FDA protects consumers from dangerous drugs and dietary supplements.

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