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FEMA Training Courses for Educators

IS-362 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

This online course describes emergency management operations, roles and responsibilities, explains how to assess potential hazards schools face, and explains how to develop and test an emergency operations plan. While the course takes an all-hazards approach to emergency planning, it does include a lesson on planning for terrorism.
The course takes between six to eight hours to complete; those successfully finishing it receive a certification of completion.

E434 - Earthquake Safety Program for Schools

This 4 day course is intended to help the school community prepare to be self-sufficient in the aftermath of a damaging earthquake. Topics include planning, hazard identification, and non-structural mitigation techniques, drills, immediate response exercises, post-earthquake recovery and mitigation opportunities, and crisis counseling.

E435 - Geology and Seismology Education for Teachers: Earthquake Science and Preparedness

This course is for K-12 teachers interested in learning about basic geology, earthquake seismology and disaster preparedness. The class is comprised of short background lessons dealing with earth science and seismology, coupled with hands-on exercises.

E436 - Earthquakes: A Teacher’s Package for K–6 (also known as Tremor Troops)

This 4 l/2 day hands-on workshop introduces kindergarten and elementary teachers to earthquakes. The lesson plans and activities are designed to promote scientific literacy among young children and to give them the information and skills they need to cope safely during and following an earthquake.

E439 - Seismic Sleuths: A Teacher’s Package on Earthquakes for Grades 7–12

This 4 l/2 day institute workshop introduces master teachers of grades 7-12 to Seismic Sleuths curriculum. This teacher's package provides hands-on-minds-on classroom activities on earthquake-related topics that can be existing science, math, and social studies curricula.

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