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Export Joint Ventures can give small and medium sized companies the advantages of size that larger companies receive, such as receiving bulk rates, and thus reduce the per unit cost of exporting.  Joint Ventures also spread the risks of exporting among the participating firms.

Export Trade Certificates aid firms that want to join together to export
  To offer a complementary line of products;
To offer products that broaden product lines;
To export a diverse group of unrelated products;
And to export, in bulk, the same product.

  The Certificate promotes the formation of Joint Ventures by firms that are:
 Competitors in the domestic market;
Or are at different levels throughout the supply chain.

  By joining together, companies will not have to compete in foreign markets with their domestic rivals, and by   joining together, companies can use their size to set competitive export prices.  Companies that team-up for   exporting can avoid rivalry.  And thereby, gain leverage to negotiate for volume-discount, export service rates,   and also reduce costs to become more competitive with foreign suppliers.

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