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Cancer Liaison Program

Cancer Liaison Program

The staff of the Cancer Liaison Program, located in FDA's Office of Special Health Issues, work with FDA's oncology medical staff to bring the patient advocate's perspective into the review of new drugs to treat cancer. The staff also meets with organized patient advocacy groups to listen to their concerns about drug development and to assist them in understanding the FDA drug regulatory process. Calls from cancer patients and their loved ones are routinely answered by the staff to help callers with questions about cancer clinical trials and/or cancer drug development.

Cancer Drug Development
Patient Consultant Program

This program incorporates the perspective of cancer patient advocates into the drug development process allowing them an opportunity to participate in the FDA drug review regulatory process.

Patient Representative Program

This program was charged with developing a process for recruiting, assessing, and selecting patient representatives to serve as members of advisory committees.

Cancer Patient Representative Background

Overivew of the 1996 "FDA Initiative on Reinventing the Regulation of Cancer Drugs" role in patient representation on cancer-related FDA advisory committees.

Oncology Tools

information related to cancer and approved cancer drug therapies


Provides patients, family members and members of the public current information about clinical research studies, and basic information about clinical trials

National Cancer Institute/NIH

National Institute of Health information about cancer research, cancer statistics, and other cancer-related information

Other Government Resources

News Releases

News releases specifically related to cancer-related FDA actions, such as new drug approvals.

Advisory Committees

List of FDA advisory committees for drugs, including oncologic drugs.


No meetings are scheduled at this time.


Cancer information for consumers written by the Cancer Liaison Staff and other FDA sources.


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