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What Is Web Governance?

The Web Governance Task Group has come up with this working definition:

Web Governance is the structure of people, positions, authorities, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and rules involved in managing an agency's website(s). The governance structure defines who can make what decisions, who is accountable for which efforts, and how each of the players must work together to operate a website and web management process effectively.

An agency's governance structure includes people in defined positions that are involved in creating and managing content, developing and supporting technology, marketing the products, and—most of all—achieving the agency's mission, because the heart of government websites is accomplishing the mission. An agency's web governance structure or model includes the person who has the authority to create the governance structure and approve the overall policies that define the governance structure. Within the governance structure, individuals are designated to develop and recommend policies, create procedures to implement the policies, determine and operate management controls, and develop and use performance measures. Everyone in the governance structure uses these tools to manage the websites and administer all the activities associated with the websites (consulting, marketing, reporting, budgeting, managing technology, etc.).

An agency's web policies document the governance structure, including the functions, roles, and authorities of each person (position) in the structure and the rules that each member of the structure must follow to work together.

Let us know what you think about this definition.

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Page Updated or Reviewed: August 20, 2008

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