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Regions & Web Sites
Regional Web Site Office Locator
Region 1 Based in Boston, MA   
Region 2 Based in New York, NY
Region 3 Based in Philadelphia, PA
Region 4

Based in Columbia, SC  

Region 5 Based in New Orleans, LA
Region 6

Based in Dallas, TX   

Region 7 Based in Houston, TX
Region 8 Based in Memphis, TN
Region 9 Based in Cleveland, OH 
Region 10 Based in Indianapolis, IN 
Region 11

Based in Chicago, IL 

Region 12 Based in Cedar Rapids, IA
Region 13 Based in Kansas City, MO
Region 14 Based in Phoenix, AZ
Region 15 Based in San Diego, CA
Region 16

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Region 17 Based in San Francisco, CA 
Region 18 Based in Seattle, WA
Region 19 Based in Denver, CO
Region 20 Based in Wichita, KS
Region 21 Based in Atlanta, GA


United States Trustee Regional Web sites are indicated above, and you may access them from this page.

Bankruptcy cases in Alabama and North Carolina are not under the jurisdiction of the United States Trustee Program. Questions regarding bankruptcy cases filed in the six judicial districts in those states should be directed to the Bankruptcy Administrator for the district where the case is pending. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Administrators is available on the federal judiciary's Web site at

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