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Analyzing Web Logs & Visitor Traffic

Web servers house your agency’s web pages and “log” all the activities that occur on your website. By analyzing those logs, you can learn more about your website visitors and “measure visitor traffic.” Agencies often use commercial products to compile and analyze this data.

Log analysis can help you determine:

  • Number of visitors who come to your website
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Average amount of time spent on your website
  • Most frequently viewed pages
  • Terms visitors type into commercial search engines to find your site
  • Terms visitors type into your search box to find information on your site
  • Top entry websites (where your visitors came from)
  • Top exit sites (where your visitors went when they left your site)
  • Most popular browsers used by your visitors


Resources: Non-Government (See disclaimer for non-government links)

  • The Grok -- provides useful information and free calculators on how to use web analytics that can be applied to government sites.


Page Updated or Reviewed: February 17, 2006

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