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Roundtable Discussions 2007

Overview of NIAMS 2007 Roundtable Discussions

March 20, 2008 (historical)

In early 2007, NIAMS invited representatives of the scientific community and the public to discuss four topic areas: 1) musculoskeletal injury and trauma, 2) wound healing, 3) gender and sex factors in inflammation and immune-mediated diseases, and 4) rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis. Highlights of these discussions are presented below as a reference for individuals interested in these scientific areas.

As with many of our previous roundtables, a number of common themes emerged from our recent discussions. In 2007, these themes included:

  • Increased need for improved models in order to better understand the pathophysiology of disease.
  • Standardization of sampling and other research methods to facilitate the sharing of information between laboratories.
  • Novel approaches to improve communication between teams and across disciplines to better translate basic research advances into clinical applications.
  • Early involvement of clinicians in the scientific process to ensure that outcomes are more clinically-relevant.
  • Utilization of collaborations between government and non-governmental organizations to leverage resources and increase patient participation in clinical research.