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Apply for Awards

Here’s a list of awards that recognize websites, innovations in information technology, good government practices, and other areas. Being an awards finalist or winner is a great way to market your website and get recognition for the good work you’re doing.

These awards are listed in order of their application deadline. You can also view them in alphabetical order.

Award Approximate Application Deadline* Announcement of Award Winners Cost to Apply
American Association of Webmasters (Note: winners are required to post an icon on their site.)


Anytime Anytime  
Web Standards Awards


Horizon Interactive Awards


January April  
The Industry Advisory Council


January April $100
Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards


Summit Creative Awards




February May  
USA Services Annual Citizen Service Award February 15, 2008    
Web Managers
Best Practice Awards
March 7, 2008 May  
Association of Educational Publishers (various categories) June December  
Webaward June September $75
Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Award June 28, 2007    
MAX Awards (Macromedia)


July November  
How Interactive Design Awards


August February  
Innovations in American Government Award


September (anytime on a one year cycle) July  
iNova Awards


September May  
National Association of Government Communicators


September May $200
Codie Awards (many awards)


October January  
Webby Awards


October June $195
Excellence.gov Awards sponsored by the Industry Advisory Council


November May  
IDEA Awards Program


December Spring  
Stockholm Challenge Award


December March  

* these dates are approximate and subject to change. Check the website of each award program to confirm the exact date.

If you know of other relevant awards that recognize government websites or government web managers, please contact us with your suggestions.


Page Updated or Reviewed: February 13, 2008

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