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Office of Assessments

The Office of Assessments assesses and collects civil monetary penalties for violations of the Mine Act and of mine safety and health standards. The Office administers all activities for the determination of the dollar amounts and administrative processing of all civil penalty assessments issued against mine operators and their agents as well as associated cash and debt management activities. These activities include accounting for all penalty cases in litigation before the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission and the Federal courts, and collecting and accounting for all delinquent penalties.

Contact Information
  • The Office of Assessments is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, and can be contacted
    on (202) 693-9700.

  • The Office of Assessments has its field office in Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. This office may be reached at (570) 826-6431.

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More on the Office of Assessments New Changes to the Civil Penalty Payment Process
    MSHA is implementing several new changes to improve its civil penalty payment process. These changes are intended to streamline the debt collection process and make it more user friendly for everyone.

An Outreach from the Office of Assessments

    The Office of Assessments has developed a PowerPoint® presentation that explains MSHA's assessments process.

    This presentation is a part of MSHA's outreach program and is suitable for inhouse training by mine operators, independent contractors, consultants, and MSHA. You may view the file in either PDF, HTML, or, if you have Microsoft PowerPoint®, you may download the presentation. Use the links below.

Some More Useful Resources

 New Civil Penalty Provisions Effective April 23, 2007

This is an overview of changes to 30 CFR Part 100, Criteria and Procedures for Proposed Assessment of Civil Penalties that became effective on April 23, 2007.

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  •  Citations and Orders - An Explanation

     Pattern of Violations Single Source Page

     2008 New Mining Operations by Commodity

      This chart depicts MSHA-approved Legal Identity Reports for New Mining Operations. This chart is updated monthly. For more information, please contact Kathy Desselle (

    • Get Chart  Updated 07/09/2008

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