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2008 Web Managers
Best Practice Award

Winners Announced at the Spring Workshop

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cdc.gov, and VA MidSouth Healthcare Network, www.visn9.va.gov, are the 2008 Web Manager Best Practice Award winners for this third annual competition. This year's winners and finalists were recognized by their peers as federal websites that had done an outstanding job of making it easy for their customers to complete their most important task online.

The winners and finalists were honored at a ceremony held during the 2008 Government Web Managers Conference on May 5 and 6 in Arlington, VA. The award and conference are sponsored by the interagency Federal Web Managers Council.

To learn more about these outstanding websites, see our list of finalists and read their nominations.

How Were Winners and Finalists Selected?

  • A panel of federal web managers reviewed all nominations.

  • At least three judges reviewed each site.

  • Nominations were judged not just on the quality of the website's top task, but also on the quality of the written nomination.

  • Judges assigned scores in each of the four judging categories, with each site (top task) earning a cumulative score between 0 and 40 points; websites with the highest cumulative score will be finalists.

What were the Judging Criteria?

This year, we're recognizing improvements to top customer tasks based on combined success in four areas:

Identifying Your Top Task (10 points): Describe how you identified your top customer task. What tools and methods did your team use to gather data about your customers and this task (metrics worksheet, surveys, focus groups, search data, etc.)?

Improving the Task (10 points): Describe how you made this task easier to complete. What improvements did you make? What data did you use to make your decisions? Do your customers know where to start the task? What each step is? Where to get more help?

Measuring Success of the Task (10 points): How do you routinely monitor the success of this task? How do you quantify your success (faster task completion rates, fewer questions from visitors, etc.)? Describe how improving this task has helped meet your agency's strategic goals.

Extra Credit (10 points): Describe what you've done to improve other critical tasks and promote critical tasks within your agency. For example: reoriented your entire website around tasks; coordinated tasks with other agencies; distributed content via multiple channels (phone, in-person, video, etc.); provided critical tasks in other languages, etc.


What Did Finalists and Winners Receive?

Finalists and winners receive:

  • Recognition in front of hundreds of their peers at the awards ceremony, held during the Government Web Managers annual conference.
  • One free admission to the conference
  • A "Best Federal Website" certificate
  • Recognition on Webcontent.gov and a press release announcing the award–winning programs
  • A "best practices award" logo to post on your website.

In addition, the winners receive a Web Manager Best Practices awards trophy.



Page Updated or Reviewed: May 8, 2008

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