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There are four programs that will be funded under this section. The SAFE Port Act of 2006 (P. L. 109-347) authorized NTIA to borrow up to $106 million from the Treasury for the following three programs:

A. Remote Community Alert Systems: This program will fund emergency alert technologies in unserved remote communities.

B. Research and Development: This program will research, develop, test, and evaluate new mobile emergency alert technologies.

C. Digital Television Transmission Towers Retransmission Capability: This program will fund FCC-required equipment that will be placed at public broadcast stations to enable the distribution of geographically targeted alerts by commercial mobile service providers.

NTIA does not have borrowing authority for final program under this section.

D. Tsunami Warning and Costal Vulnerability Program: This program will implement a tsunami warning and coastal vulnerability program.

Payments up to $50 million are authorized for this program with funds to come from the spectrum auction proceeds deposited in the Fund by June 30, 2008.

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