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Federal Web Managers Council

Who We Are

The Federal Web Managers Council is an interagency group of almost 30 senior web managers from the federal government. Our group includes representatives from every cabinet-level agency, several independent agencies, and representatives from the judicial and legislative branches. Originally called the Web Content Management Working Group, we were established by the Interagency Committee on Government Information (ICGI) in January 2004 to recommend policies and guidelines for all federal public websites, to comply with Sections 207(f)(1) and (2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 and with other requirements.

Our group issued its recommendations to the ICGI in June 2004. These recommendations and best practices became the foundation for this website.

Our Goals

Our strategic plan outlines three primary goals for our group:

1) Improve the content of government websites so that they are on par with the best websites in the world

2) Improve how government manages its use of the web

3) Create a dynamic community of government web managers across the country

What We Do

To accomplish these goals, we:

How We’re Organized

We're led by our group sponsor and a steering committee. Because our members are located in both headquarters and field offices, we do most of our work "virtually" via conference calls and online collaboration.


Bev Godwin, Director of USA.gov and Web Best Practices, Office of Citizen Services and Communications, GSA


Sheila Campbell, Team Leader, USA.gov Web Best Practices Team, GSA

Rachel Flagg, Regional Web Manager, Department of Housing and Urban Development

Council Members

See the full list of members of the Federal Web Managers Council.

How to Get Involved

If you’re a member of the Forum, and are interested in volunteering to work on one of the Federal Web Managers Council activities, please read our strategic plan and let us know how you’d like to help. Or feel free to contact us directly.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about the Federal Web Managers Council or if you have suggestions for this website, please contact us.


Page Updated or Reviewed: June 17, 2008

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