TEXT PDF410.101 Definitions.
TEXT PDF410.201 Responsibilities of the head of an agency.
TEXT PDF410.202 Integrating employee training and development with agency strategic plans.
TEXT PDF410.203 Assessing organizational, occupational, and individual needs.
TEXT PDF410.204 Options for developing employees.
TEXT PDF410.301 Scope and general conduct of training programs.
TEXT PDF410.302 Responsibilities of the head of an agency.
TEXT PDF410.303 Employee responsibilities.
TEXT PDF410.304 Funding training programs.
TEXT PDF410.305 Establishing and using interagency training.
TEXT PDF410.306 Selecting and assigning employees to training.
TEXT PDF410.307 Training for promotion or placement in other positions.
TEXT PDF410.308 Training to obtain an academic degree.
TEXT PDF410.309 Agreements to continue in service.
TEXT PDF410.310 Computing time in training.
TEXT PDF410.311 Records.
TEXT PDF410.401 Determining necessary training expenses.
TEXT PDF410.402 Paying premium pay.
TEXT PDF410.403 Payments for temporary duty training assignments.
TEXT PDF410.404 Determining if a conference is a training activity.
TEXT PDF410.405 Protection of Government interest.
TEXT PDF410.406 Records of training expenses.
TEXT PDF410.501 Scope.
TEXT PDF410.502 Authority of the head of an agency.
TEXT PDF410.503 Records.
TEXT PDF410.601 Responsibility of the head of an agency.
TEXT PDF410.602 Records.
TEXT PDF410.701 Reports.