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Anthrax Safety and Health Topics

In Focus
"Now, more than ever, we must work together to protect the health of our employees."  Elaine Chao, Secretary, US Department of Labor, News Release.

Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by a spore-forming bacterium called Bacillus anthracis. It is generally acquired following contact with anthrax-infected animals or anthrax-contaminated animal products. Anthrax is receiving heightened attention because of its use as a biological warfare agent.

The following questions link to information relevant to anthrax in the workplace.

Guidance What guidance is available?
OSHA Frequently Asked Questions
Exposure Who can be exposed to anthrax?
Workers Exposed Through Criminal/Terrorist Acts | Health Care Workers | More
Prevention and Controls How can you prevent/control exposure and infection?
Animal Handlers | Healthcare and Emergency Responders | More
Mail Security How can you check your mail?
OSHA Recommendations for Handling Mail
Additional Information What additional information is available?
Related Safety and Health Topics | Training | Other Resources | More

In Focus
Hot Topics MatrixAnthrax pyramid with red zone, yellow zone, and green zone
  • Anthrax in the Workplace. OSHA. Offers basic advice and suggests protective measures through a matrix that OSHA believes will reduce the risk of exposure in light of current concerns about the presence of anthrax spores in the workplace.

  • Anthrax Anthrax. OSHA. Discusses anthrax topics, including who is at risk for anthrax exposure and what to do in case of an anthrax threat.

Expert Systems

  • eHASP2Electronic Health and Safety Program (eHASP)2. OSHA. Created in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the updated eHASP Guide uses modern (Windows-based) software, site-specific text, and expanded decision logic to assist the user in determining the appropriate controls of health and safety hazards for their sites.
 Safety and
 Health Topics
  Prevention and Controls
  Mail Security
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