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observing Start the new school year with the Bridge and explore the ocean with your students! View our Data Analysis Teaching Activities (DATA) Series.

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shark Predator Protector
"A fun way to help your students teach themselves so much more about sharks. They won't just be playing games if you use the lessons that come with fun, challenging data reporting sheets, they'll be one of the shark research volunteers!"
– Ly, Bridge Teacher Reviewer

Thunder Bay Sinkholes NOAA Ocean Explorer: Thunder Bay Sinkholes 2008
From September 2 ­ 12, scientists will explore shallow and deep coastal sinkholes to more fully understand chemical and physical properties that contribute to the unique ecology found in these recently-discovered ecosystems in Earth’s largest group of freshwater lakes - the Laurentian Great Lakes of the United States and Canada.
National Hurricane Center

Stay informed on the latest storms with continuous reports on tropical cyclones & hurricanes through November 30. Learn about tropical weather, the inter-tropical convergence zone, El Nino & La Nina, Saffir-Simpson Scale, and Hurricane Hunters in the Hurricane Awareness section. The Hurricane History section has archives of previous storm seasons.
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