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U. S. Government Resources
for Information and Communications Technology Policy

NTIA's Office of International Affairs plays a critical role in the formulation and advocacy of the Administration's international information and communications technology (ICT) policies, goals and strategies.  Depending on the issue under consideration, there are numerous federal agencies working independently, in parallel, or together to develop and advance U.S. interests. 

Listed below are links to additional U.S. Government agencies involved in various aspects of international ICT policy development:

International Communication and Information Policy Coordination
    • Department of State

Consumer Protection/Competition and Regulatory Policy
    • Federal Trade Commission
    • U.S. Department of Justice
    • Federal Communications Commission, International Bureau

Development/Foreign Assistance
    • U.S. Agency for International Development
    • U.S. Trade and Development Agency
    • Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    • Digital Freedom Initiative
    • Peace Corps
    • Small Business Administration

Intellectual Property Rights
    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • Copyright Office, Library of Congress

International Trade
    • International Trade Administration
        · Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce
        · Market Access and Compliance - Regional and Country Specialists
    • United States Trade Representative

Technology Standards
    • Technology Administration
        · National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • International Trade Administration, Standards Liaison

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