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Be Cool. Be You. Don't Drink. PSA

Underage Drinking Prevention Materials

NIAAA has created public education campaign materials as part of its long–term commitment to reducing the serious, and often fatal, consequences of alcohol use in young people. These free materials are available for use in local community efforts to prevent underage alcohol use.

The FACTS About Youth & Alcohol—A one–page fact sheet outlining information on the prevalence and consequences of teen alcohol use that can be downloaded and printed for use in obtaining support for your local underage alcohol prevention efforts. [HTML] [Printer–ready PDF]

The Party’s Over: Television PSA—This PSA is available at no charge to community organizations that wish to offer the PSA to their local TV stations. You can view the storyboard of the PSA or watch the PSA online (see below). To order a preview copy (VHS) tape of the PSA, please complete the order form [PDF format]. Following preview, if you have a local TV station willing to air the PSA, you may use this same form to order a free broadcast version (Beta tape). The PSA is available for tagging with a local group’s name and telephone number at the end.
The Party’s Over: Radio PSA—These radio PSAs include two announcements directed toward parents and three toward adolescents. The adolescent PSAs are available in a variety of music versions. You can now listen to them online. To order a CD containing the 5 different PSAs, please complete the order form [PDF format].
PSAs for Parents

PSAs for Adolescents

Make a Difference: Talk to Your Child About AlcoholA brochure for parents available online in full text. Copies may be ordered in quantities of up to 200. (Available in English and Spanish)
Additional informationUnderage Drinking—A Growing Health Care Concern [HTML]

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