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These clinical practice tools and patient education materials will help you to identify and counsel patients with pre-diabetes to help prevent the onset of the disease and work with patients with diabetes to take control and prevent the devastating complications.

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Diabetes Presentations

The following slides sets contain the latest information on U.S. diabetes prevalence and incidence rates, and diabetes management and prevention. They are designed to be a resource for health care professionals, diabetes educators, and students. Slides can be downloaded as an entire presentation or used individually.

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"Small Steps. Big Rewards." Your GAME PLAN to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Health Care Provider Toolkit

Get your patients in the diabetes prevention game. Find the latest evidence-based tools and techniques to help your patients start their own personalized diabetes prevention program, including a decision pathway to diagnose and treat pre-diabetes, proven strategies to counsel and motivate patients, office poster, and copier-ready patient education handouts.

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Making Systems Change for Better Diabetes Care (BetterDiabetesCare.nih.gov)

Visit this easy-to-use, comprehensive website for information and tools to make effective systems changes in the way diabetes is diagnosed, treated, and prevented.

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Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care

Learn more about the essential components of quality diabetes care for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes, their families, health care providers, and insurers.

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Working Together to Manage Diabetes: A Guide for Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, and Dental Professionals, 2007

This interdisciplinary primer focuses on diabetes-related conditions affecting the foot, eye, and mouth, as well as the issues related to drug therapy management. Working Together promotes a team approach to comprehensive diabetes care and provides simple care recommendations to clinicians about making cross-disciplinary treatment referrals. The primer has been revised to include the latest statistics. A new section on primary diabetes prevention outlines the results of the Diabetes Prevention Program study and the role pharmacy, podiatry, optometry and dental professionals can play in preventing diabetes in those at risk.  This primer package includes Working Together Clinical Images and four prevention brochures targeted at specific medical disciplines. 

For more information on obtaining continuing education credits for reading Working Together and the English poster, click here. Optometry credits are also be available through the American Optometric Association Web site.

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Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, and Dental Professionals Primary Prevention Brochures

These brochures promote primary prevention as an activity that pharmacy, podiatry, optometry and dental professionals can incorporate into patient interactions. Contains information on diabetes risk factors, the DPP and an Ask-Advise-Assist approach. These items can be ordered as part of the Working Together to Manage Diabetes: A Guide for Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Optometrists and Dentists primer.

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Pharmacy Brochure

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Optometry Brochure

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Dentistry Brochure

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Podiatry Brochure

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Working Together to Manage Diabetes: Poster

This patient education poster has also been revised to include more direct "I will" action statements to encourage patients to team up with their health care providers. This interdisciplinary color poster can be used by health professional in exam or waiting rooms to help educate patients on specific steps they can take in collaboration with their pharmacists and eye, foot, and dental care professionals to control diabetes.

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Controlaré mi diabetes ¡Trabajando en equipo con mis profesionales de la salud!: Poster, 2007

This Spanish adaptation of the Working Together to Manage Diabetes poster can be used in exam or waiting rooms to encourage patients to team up with their eye, foot, dental and pharmacy health care providers, and offers patients specific action steps they should take to control their diabetes.

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Working Together to Manage Diabetes: Diabetes Medications Supplement

Use this reference booklet to learn about the medications your patients may be taking to control their diabetes or conditions that can cause complications. Booklet provides a 'snapshot' profile of diabetes medications, insulin medications, and medications for controlling glycemia, high blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Working Together Clinical Images

These clinical images highlight common conditions affecting foot, eye, and oral health as well as the role of pharmacy in diabetes management.

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sample of publication cover Team Care: Comprehensive Lifetime Management for Diabetes
Quality diabetes care involves more than just the primary provider. Find out more about implementing multidisciplinary team care for people with diabetes in all clinical settings and how to reduce the human and economic toll of diabetes through a continuous, proactive, planned, patient-centered, and population-based approach to care.

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Diabetes Numbers at-a-Glance Reference Card

Use this handy pocket guide for a quick listing of ADA recommendations for diagnosing pre-diabetes and diabetes and for managing your patients with diabetes. Updated 3/2008.

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Feet Can Last a Lifetime Kit

This comprehensive kit for health care providers contains ready-to-use foot exam forms, Medicare certification forms for therapeutic footwear, a sample disposable sensory testing monofilament, reproducible patient education materials, and current resource and reference materials.

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Si Tiene Diabetes, Cuide Su Corazón (If You Have Diabetes, Take Care of Your Heart) Flipchart Presentation

This bilingual presentation tool makes it easy to educate Hispanic and Latino Americans about the link between diabetes and heart disease. The presentation includes easy-to-understand illustrations accompanied by a scripted presentation (in Spanish and English). Each flipchart also includes two copier-ready handouts. Single copy free. Each additional copy, $4. Limit 6 copies. Commercial printer-ready CDs available. Call 1-800-860-8747.

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