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Assistant Secretary for Legislation (ASL)


Procedures for Notification of Grant Awards

Program Announcements for the Availability of Funding opportunities are published in the Federal Register, the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts or at the following internet address:

Review Process: Applications must be reviewed objectively by a minimum of three qualified independent reviewers. Reviewers should be sufficiently independent of the entities applying for assistance and must otherwise be able to render an objective and unbiased evaluation, as well for each grant competition, the agencies are responsible for ranking all applications based on scores prepared by the independent reviewers. In preparing the ranking, the agencies shall use only the scores given by the independent reviewers. An agency approval official is responsible for reviewing the application ranking list and determining which applications to approve for funding.

Funded and Approved but Unfunded Applications: Grants Management Officers are responsible for signing or countersigning the ranking of applications and working with both applicants and program officials to ensure that approved applications adhere to administrative, programmatic, and technical requirements. The agencies have the option to carryover for consideration in the next competition of the same program an approved application for which there is no funding currently available. Carried-over applications, however, must be rescored with the new applications.

Public Access to Grant Award Information: Grant documents, including those prepared for or by independent reviewers, are available to the public except to the extent that the authorized agency official asserts applicable exemptions from the disclosure mandates of the Freedom of Information Act, (5 U.S.C. 552) the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C 552a) and the department's implementing regulations (45 CFR, Parts 5, and 5b).

The Congressional Liaison Office receives copies of all new and competing continuations funding grants, and contract awards on one million dollars and over, from every grants and contracts office of the Department of Health and Human Services. Each grant and contract award is then identified by state, congressional districts, special interest, and other special handling before releasing the award information to Members of Congress. Award announcements are hand-delivered to the House and Senate Post Offices or faxed to the appropriate members. Inquiries regarding the status and disposition of grant and contract awards and program funding can be directed to this office.

For additional information contact:

      Tijuana Tripplet or Staceye Arrington at 202-690-7094


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