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09/12/2008 - U.S., Other Nations Step Up Bribery Battle NEW

09/5/2008 - Grand jury in business NEW

09/4/2008 - Former Halliburton Exec Pleads Guilty to Bribing Nigerian Officials NEW

09/04/2008 - Boeing in trouble for $7.5 million contract fraudNEW

08/29/2008 - Former school trustee Sal Mena indicted by federal grand juryNEW

08/28/2008 - Two Contracting Companies Charged in Bribery Conspiracy Related to Department of Defense Contracts in AfghanistanNEW

08/28/2008 - Ex-Navy manager awaiting sentence NEW

08/29/2008 - 3 Plead Guilty In Contract Fraud NEW

08/29/2008 - Informant gets probation in defrauding military NEW

08/27/2008 - U.S. increases spending on contractors in IraqNEW

08/22/2008 - Dogs of War: More contractors in IraqNEW

08/21/2008 - Civilian contractors finding themselves in congressional crosshairs sNEW

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