November 2007

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Disaster Recovery Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

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Outreach scene Preparedness scene Lessons Learned scene


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SAMHSA's Fundamentals of Disaster Planning and Response (Webcast)

SAMHSA's Disaster Relief Information

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All-Hazards Response Planning for State Substance Abuse Service SystemsAdobe Acrobat Document
This document suggests elements to be included in substance abuse planning, including recommendations for training, administrative tips, and considerations for populations with special needs.
D-ATM: One Tool for Ensuring Continuity of Care in Disaster Situations for Patients in Treatment for Opioid DependenceAdobe Acrobat Document
This presentation describes Digital Access to Medication (D-ATM), a pilot system being developed by CSAT. D-ATM allows Opioid Treatment Programs to access information during a disaster in order to verify that a person is a patient, and provide a safe and accurate dose.
D-ATM Demo: Screen Shots Used in Training, AnnotatedAdobe Acrobat Document
This presentation uses screen shots to demonstrate how D-ATM works.
Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response AnnexAdobe Acrobat Document
This pandemic influenza preparedness and response plan was developed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.
Emergency Preparedness PlanAdobe Acrobat Document
This is a general guide for substance abuse and mental health clinics. It contains processes for preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery in the event of an emergency. The guide includes form templates and hazard vulnerability analysis.
Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan TemplateAdobe Acrobat Document
This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) template provides a structure for formulating a COOP plan according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Headquarters COOP Guidance Document. This template is designed to accompany the Continuity of Operations Template Instructions, which consists of general guidance and sample language for reference. Organizations are encouraged to tailor COOP development to meet their own needs and requirements.
Interim Guidance on Continuity of Operations Planning for State and Local GovernmentsAdobe Acrobat Document
This FEMA planning guidance is designed to help States and local governments/jurisdictions develop COOP plans tailored to the characteristics of their individual organizations and the essential functions they perform. This guidance promotes a step-based approach to COOP planning.