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System Notices

Links to the following System Notices can be reached by using the link to System Notices to the right on this page.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

DHS FOIA/PA Record System, DHS/ALL 001

DHS Mailing and Other Lists System, DHS/ALL 002

The system notices listed below were issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) prior to its restructuring in 2003.

PLEASE NOTE:  These system notices are subject to change.


Alien File/Central Index System (A-file/CIS) Co-owned with ICE

Asset Management Information System (AMIS) Co-owned with ICE

Image Storage and Retrieval System (ISRS)

Orphan Petitioner Index and Files

Alien Status Verification Index

Computer Linked Application Information Management System (CLAIMS)

FD-258 Fingerprint Tracking System

Redesigned Naturalization Application Casework System (RNACS)

I-551 Renewal Program Temporary Sticker Issuance I-90 Manifest System (SIIMS)

Verification Information System (VIS)


Still Current; In Revision

Index System

Bond Accounting and Control System

Attorney/Representative Complaint/Petition Files



Office of Internal Audit Investigation Index and Records (OIA)

Deportable Alien Control System (DACS)

Security Access Control System (SACS)

Law Enforcement Support Center Database (LESC)

Worksite Enforcement Activity Record and Index (LYNX)

National Automated Immigration Lookout System (NAILS) Co-owned with CBP



Port of Entry Office Management Support System (POMS)

Global Enrollment System (GES)

Nonimmigrant Information System (NIIS)

Hiring Tracking Systems (HITS)

Password Issuance and Control System (PICS)


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