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    Posted: 07/31/2003
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    Volume 7, Issue 4

Private-Public Partnerships in Cancer Vaccine Research

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B-Roll Footage - Molecular Aspects of Cancer

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General | Prevention | Detection | Proteomics | Lab | Treatment | Molecular Aspects of Cancer | Normal and Cancer Cells

The NCI Press Office maintains a collection of B-roll video depicting various areas of research at NCI. NCI B-roll is available to any accredited news organization. To request a Beta tape of a complete B-roll topic , please contact the NCI press office at (301) 496-6641.

To view a 20- to-30-second clip of NCI B-roll, please click on the image next to the description, or click "View Preview" under the description. A QuickTime 5 or later plug-in is required for best viewing. Note: The clips will open in a separate window.

Molecular Aspects of Cancer B-Roll - TRT 00:02:31


The full segment explains how DNA is copied and why, if the process goes wrong, cancer can occur.

View Preview

Preview Length: 00:22

Format: .MOV

Size: 467kb

Deletion Mutation
Deletion Mutation

The full segment depicts a deletion mutation that can occur when DNA is copied incorrectly.

View Preview

Preview Length: 00:26

Format: .MOV

Size: 694kb

Free Radical Mutation
Free Radical Mutation

The full segment depicts how free radicals cause mutation during the DNA copying process.

View Preview

Preview Length: 00:18

Format: .MOV

Size: 353kb

Mismatch Repair
Mismatch Repair

The full segment depicts how a chemical can interfere with, and defeat, the repair of mismatched base pairs on a DNA strand.

View Preview

Preview Length: 00:27

Format: .MOV

Size: 703kb

Cell Growth and Repair
Cell Growth and Repair

The full segment explains the role of molecular agents, such as Herceptin, in the fight against cancer.

View Preview

Preview Length: 00:44

Format: .MOV

Size: 1.07mb

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