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Index of Categories of Documents
Electronic Reading Room

This index contains categories of frequently requested FDA documents. Before submitting an FOIA request, please check to see if the records you seek are already available on an FDA Web site. You can use this index to locate a specific category of documents. In addition, you can check specific FOI sites which have been established by the following agency offices:

Advisory Committee Transcripts
Application Integrity Policy List
Clinical Investigators Inspection List
Information on Commissioning
Compliance Policy Guides
Compliance Program Guidance Manual
Debarment List
Directory of Public Affairs Specialists
Directory of State Officials
Disqualified/Restricted/Assurance List for Clinical Investigators
Enforcement Reports
Guides to Inspections
Guide to International Inspections and Travel
Import Alerts
Import Refusals Report
Inspectors' Technical Guides
Investigations Operations Manual
Lab Information Bulletins
Laboratory Procedures Manual
Medical Devices Reports
Memoranda of Understanding
New Animal Drug Application (NADA) FOI Summaries
Notice of Initiation of Disqualification Proceedings And Opportunity to Explain (NIDPOE)
Notice of Opportunity for Hearing (NOOH)
Presiding Officer Reports and Commissioner's Decisions in Clinical Investigator Disqualifications Proceedings
Private Labs Home Page
Product Approvals
CBER (Biologics)
CDER (Human Drugs)
CDRH (Medical Devices) Premarket Approvals(PMA)
CDRH (Medical Devices) Premarket Notifications(510K's)
CVM (Animal Drugs)
Regulatory Procedures Manual
Warning Letters

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